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People deserve to know what the world admires most about them

What is a Soulfolio gift?

A Soulfolio gift is created solo, or collaboratively with friends and family. Each folio is made up of 2.75” square “tiles” printed on synthetic paper and stacked on top of each other to tell a story of your unique relationships. Choose words and graphics from our gallery or design tiles by uploading your photos. Or create a continuous story on your tiles that reads more like a book. Upload a QR code to an audio clip or a video for the front or back of a tile to add an interactive touch. The possibilities are endless.

“I didn’t know people felt this way about me. I have never felt that much love.”



“I felt excited when creating the Soulfolio - it made me feel like I was creating something really special for someone I love”



“I’m overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of such a gift! It’s tangible evidence of the love others have for me, which is so special. My Soulfolio is something I will cherish for a long time.”



Love it? Share it!

We’d love to share your folio with our community so we can inspire others to make something meaningful. Upload a photo or video of your creation or experience and a brief story behind it.