Space Spark Creative

We believe everyone deserves to know
what the world admires most about them

Enter Soulfolio Co, a new small business offering a one-of-a-kind, meaningful keepsake gift created collaboratively that makes the important people in your life feel SEEN and offers a new way for loved ones to create a gift that lasts a lifetime.

So many of us deal with mental health issues and depression, struggle with low confidence, or question if we’re enough. A Soulfolio is a small thing, but it packs such an effective wellness punch that we’ve made it our personal mission to spark joy one person, one Soulfolio gift, at a time. 

This gift combines the nostalgia of printed pictures with the charm of a luxurious heirloom. As a result of our soft launch, we discovered that it isn’t just an amazing gift; it’s a handy tool to build self-esteem, nourish mental health, and connect generations together. 

Features and benefits of the Soulfolio gifts:

  • Savor a major wellness boost for both the gift giver and the giftee
  • Connect through family and community with a collaborative website feature
  • Enjoy artistic expression through next-level design tools
  • Improved mental health from the physical connection of printed media and photos
  • Research has shown that recalling specific memories and reliving them by looking at printed photos can help with overall well-being and reduce the risk of depression

The beginning

In 2015, my husband Matt gifted me with a small stack of vellum pages – he had written one thing he admired about me on each page and tied it up with a ribbon. It was the most touching gift I had ever received, and of course, I cried buckets! I found myself returning to the gift again and again – whenever I needed a boost.  

We later created a DIY version for my mom’s upcoming milestone birthday and invited our whole family – generations of us – to collaborate on her gift. Shortly after, we created another DIY version for my brother’s birthday. His joyous response led us to digitize the process so more families could collaborate on these unique gifts. 

My husband and I are co-founders in this new venture we call Soulfolio Co. It all started with his gift, then the DIY versions, until ultimately, we created a custom website and have been testing and refining the process for the last couple of years. Our mission is to spark joy one person, one Soulfolio gift, at a time. We can’t wait to see what YOU create!